Phil Taylor Pianos  Est: 1980

Phil has all the technical knowledge & skill to ensure your piano performs to it's optimum

Previously loved Pianos New Pianos Brodmann CE175 Bechstein V Steinmayer 118 Sold Wilh.Steinberg 118 Bechstein D Grand

Kingsburg 122

Knight K10

Wilh.Steinberg 125 Yamaha U1 Sold

Spencer 110

Petrof 116



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Steinway B

Steinway B

Sold Richard Lipp 5’3” Sold


Sold Sold

Bechstein D


Steinway K

All new pianos sold from our showroom have been chosen by Phil for their build quality and tonal reproduction.


To ensure that the touch and tone are at their optimum, Phil will have taken at least ten hours to prepare each instrument.


Come along, bring your music and play them. Hear and feel the difference a top concert technician can make.


Knight Colonial