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Courses & Training

For the past few years Phil has been asked by several tuner technicians if he can help them with certain aspects of the tuning and restoration of pianos. Phil has obliged in several instances by having clients with him  for the day. This has worked well and he is now offering the same opportunity to you.

The aspects covered:

Tuition Fees


Personal 1 to 1

1 day personal tuition £200

2 day personal tuition £350


1 day 2 persons £125 pp

2 day 2 persons £225 pp

1 day 3 or 4 persons £100 pp

2 day 3 or 4 persons £175 pp

For more Information and to discuss your requirements please phone Phil on

0800 007 6554          

Full time three year course covering piano tuning and restoration is now available