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Brodmann CE175

7¼ octave (88 keys)

L:  175 cm / 5’9”

W: 153 cm / 5’0”

Net: 385 kg / 849 lb

View it being played

Price £8,800


The Brodmann Conservatory Edition is a range of pianos for the aspiring pianist at a quality level unparalleled on the market.

Ideal for the beginner and student alike, the Conservatory Edition will provide the best quality instrument for all types of music making at an affordable price .

Model CE 175

This piano is the perfect instrument for the home, smaller institution and practice room, ideal for the student to learn on.

Having all the qualities, touch and tone of a more expensive instrument,this piano is an excellent choice at an affordable price, incorporating the Brodmann Viennese designed scale and action.