Phil Taylor Pianos  Est: 1980

Phil has all the technical knowledge & skill to ensure your piano performs to it's optimum

Phil Taylor M.P.T.A.   started rebuilding pianos in 1980. He had earlier designed and built his own Bass String spinning machine, he also researched the scaling of the strings.

This culminated in creating his own computer programme for calculating the tension and resistance of the Bass & Treble strings. He now uses this programme to rescaling each of his rebuilt pianos.

With Phil’s enthusiasm  for new technology and a passion for traditional craftsmanship, a great amount of time, thought and energy went into successfully combining and implementing them into his rebuilt pianos.

His reputation for excellence has meant many clients waiting up to 18 months to have their precious instruments rebuilt by him

DeMontfort Hall Leicester replaced their damaged Steinway D Grand with a Model D Bechstein Grand rebuilt by Phil.


Nottinghamshire County Council Leisure services had their Steinway Model D Concert grand rebuilt by him. Phil then went on to rebuild both actions from the Bosendorfer concert grands owned by The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham .


Phil now prepares & tunes the pianos used in concerts at the Royal Concert Hall, Theatre Royal, Nottingham Arena & Rock City.

Phil believes his finest accolade is when world renowned pianist Fu Ts’ong telephoned him.

Fu Ts’ong as a student had played a model D Steinway (when new) at the Royal Academy in London. He came across the same piano years later and found it tired and unrewarding. Then after Phil had rebuilt the piano he played it again in Poland.

The phone call was to congratulate Phil personally on restoring the original tone and to enquire as to how he had achieved this, as all other restored pianos he had previously played had not achieved the tonal restoration.   

Along with his day to day work Phil has been in the process of designing his own piano.

With most of the technical work completed he now hopes to find the time and funds to accomplish his dream